Providing Integrated eHealth Services for Personalized Medicine utilizing Cloud Infrastructure

State of the art technologies like cloud computing and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are used to provide efficient, scalable, portable, interoperable and integrated IT infrastructures that are cost effective and maintainable. Despite the significant importance of these technologies, the healthcare sector has yet not paid much attention on these technologies.

As a result, many stand alone applications exist in the area of healthcare providing services and supporting the activities of all actors involved such as patients, healthcare professionals, laboratories, hospitals etc.

Due the non integrated nature of ehealth applications and services numerous medical errors occur that cause the life of thousands of patients per year. For that reason, it is of high importance to integrate healthcare services. In addition to this, there is a need to deliver better services and reduce the cost of health expenses. The latter can be achieved through patient monitoring applications that will allow patients to continue their treatment at home and will free up space and staff at hospitals. All these can be achieved through an innovative integrated ehealth services platform that utilises advanced technologies like cloud computing and SOA.