PINCLOUD seeks to integrate different application components, leading to the provision of an end-to-end personalized disease monitoring and medical data service “anytime, anywhere”, which ensures independent living regardless of age. The project shall build a reliable and rugged platform warranting stakeholder collaboration and enjoying public trust, secured by the participation of the Public Servants Health Organisation utilizing the cloud infrastructure provided by Singular Logic.

Scientific and Technological Objectives

PINCLOUD sets the following scientific-technological objectives that will allow verification due the course of the project: (a) develop cloud infrastructures and ehealth services in the form of electronic patient healthcare record, e-referral, e-prescribing and patient monitoring; (b) explore and test the development of integrated ehealth services using cloud computing and SOA. In doing so, leading to innovative integrated ehealth services for personalized medicine; (c) study compatibility issues among different cloud computing environments, study issues related to resource allocation, better management of resources and investigate possible security issues; (d) create jobs for IT staff and consequently for healthcare professionals; (e) reinforce scientific research, promote knowledge and excellence; (f) disseminate PINCLOUD results; (g) exploit advanced ICT in the medical sector; (h) develop a replicable framework that can be used in other environments; (j) improve patients‟ quality of life with the provision of preventative care and self-management; (i) develop healthcare services that improve quality, reduce costs and time of service and (k) test technical issues dealing with scalability, transition to the cloud, usability, compatibility, fault tolerance and controlled access.


PINCLOUD expected results and benefits aim to:

(a) promote knowledge and excellence in research organizations through the development and investigation of innovative integrated ehealth services using cloud computing, SOA and advanced patient monitoring technologies;

(b) disseminate the results and promote the concept of the project;

(c) investigate a complex environment and produce a replicable framework that can be used in other environment.

From the technological point of view, PINCLOUD, will contribute to the realization of the provision of healthcare services in distributed environments, as an innovative area, deserving to be extensively analyzed and studied, to be applied in the future as real and commercial services.

Through this project, a platform for integrated homecare services will be developed, utilizing cloud computing and studying research outcomes.

The investigation of important issues such as data and services security and management, and role management through one or more cloud computing systems will enhance the understanding of the area and the body of knowledge. In terms of the economy, PINCLOUD will result in the development of new positions in IT and healthcare.

In addition, it will lead to cost reduction in health care and free up resources (e.g. hospital beds etc).

Last but not least the project will be of great importance for the society as patients can be stay away from hospitals and receive a better quality of health services. Their health data will be documented by the system and this will allow better results. Medical errors associated with the non integrated nature of health services will be eliminated and as a result less people will be affected by these errors.