Vidavo was established by a group of experienced scientists with the aim to develop novel integrated telematics solutions, targeting the healthcare sector, the continuous technical support of the health telematics applications, and also the provision of consulting services aiming at the effective integration of medical informatics in the health sector and the optimization of the quality of the healthcare services.

Short Description of the Organization
Main role and contribution to the Project
Previous experience relevant to the Project
Key People Involved in the Project


Short description of the Organisation

Vidavo offers:

  • Innovative solutions, addressing the individual needs of citizens and healthcare professionals,
  • Novel e-health services,
  • Hand-held, carry-on, put-on attractive technology products, encouraging citizens to undertake an active role in monitoring their health and wellness status,
  • An attested methodology to bridge the gap between research results and commercial use.


Vidavo aims at the commercial deployment of novel technologies and in particular of the vital signs' telemonitoring service, targeting citizens / patients on the move. The company envisages promoting in the local market the international trend regarding the provision of healthcare services, bringing points of care closer to the patients and striving at the wellness of the person and prevention, instead of disease management and treatment plans.

The company's innovative character, which relies on the development of novel applications and viable phealth services, resulted to the 1st prize at the Innovative idea award competition in the "Excellence in Central Macedonia" Programme, a Innovation and enterpreneurship case study of the students of the University of Macedonia and the 2nd  prize at the Innotender Innovation Competition Award (Innovation EC programme).

The latest achievement of vidavo is the entry in the Alternative Market of the Athens Exchange on March 12, 2010. Vidavo imported 857,210 shares and the price of the share was 3,14€ per share (ASE: ΒΙΝΤΑ).


Main role and contribution to the Project

Workpackage Leader of:

  • Patient Monitoring Platform (WP4)


Contributions as workpackage member in:

  • System Specifications (WP1)
  • Cloud infrastructure (WP2)
  • Electronic personal health record (WP3)
  • Quality Assurance, Integration and Test (WP6)
  • Pilot Application (WP8)


Previous experience relevant to the Project

Vidavo has participated in a broad range of research projects both national and European. Its main research interests are usually extensions to its line of commercially successful products and services focusing on intelligent monitoring systems for the chronically ill and the worried well citizens. Some of these projects include but are not limited to: EXALTED, INDEPENDENT, CLAP, WSN4QoL, SmartCare and also awarded from GSRT e-athlete’s health, CarePaths, Carotid Atheromatosis, and participation in BIONIAN cluster.


Key People Involved in the Project

Eleftheria Vellidou, Electical Engineer

Athanasia Karanasiou, Information Scientist



Contact Person: 
Eleftheria Vellidou
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